Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a girl named rose grace bender...

Hey guys! What's up!?! For those of you who went to Rose's Batmitzvah- HOW COOL WAS IT!?! Gotta say... the COOLEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!!! YUP... THAT'S RIGHT... I KNOW THE YEAR'S NOT OVER (OR EVEN CLOSE) BUT I COULD JUST TELL THAT'S THE COOLEST PARTY OF THE YEAR- NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PARTIES I WILL END UP GOING TO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSE! Now... if you're reading this... then stay on this page... because you've got some work to do! Rate Rose's party! With 5 being the most and zero being the least option. So... that being said... I rate her party a 9999999999999999999999999999999
.9 bar. Comment on this very post on this very blog made by this very (awesome) hostess with your opinion rates. MAKE IT GOOD!!! And remember- Rose reads this blog too, so don't write anything low!

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