Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a girl named rose grace bender...

Hey guys! What's up!?! For those of you who went to Rose's Batmitzvah- HOW COOL WAS IT!?! Gotta say... the COOLEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!!! YUP... THAT'S RIGHT... I KNOW THE YEAR'S NOT OVER (OR EVEN CLOSE) BUT I COULD JUST TELL THAT'S THE COOLEST PARTY OF THE YEAR- NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PARTIES I WILL END UP GOING TO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSE! Now... if you're reading this... then stay on this page... because you've got some work to do! Rate Rose's party! With 5 being the most and zero being the least option. So... that being said... I rate her party a 9999999999999999999999999999999
.9 bar. Comment on this very post on this very blog made by this very (awesome) hostess with your opinion rates. MAKE IT GOOD!!! And remember- Rose reads this blog too, so don't write anything low!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey guys! What's up? There are so many blogs going on in our grade right now. Between the blog for ALL of the girls, Doodle's, Cocoa's, and even Bubble's (yes, she left the school but she's still counted!) But that makes NOOOOOOOO excuse! Go on to my blog more often!!! Now that the summer's almost here, you get more time (unless you're going away) to use the computer! If my blog stinks, be honest, and let me know! I want to know what I need to improve my blog. That must be the only reason why no one ever goes on it- because it's boring! SUGGESTING WOULD HELP, PEOPLE!! Especially for those of you who have blogs- you know what to do. If you need any advice, or any interesting stories- tell me! I'll post them here on this very blog. I guess I'll see all of you on Monday! (can't wait) because that is my friend, Ketchup's birthday party! C ya- oh yeah and always remember: "When life gives you lemons, give it back and demand ketchip covered chocolate!"